Friday, February 22, 2008


I left work a little early today to make a visit to my new neighborhood doctor (five blocks from my apt). But first I had to make a stop in China Town to cash a check and make a visit to my favorite dim sum joint, Dim Sum Nice Food, and the barbecue spot next door. I decided to go with something more average, Shrimp Fried Rice, or as they say, ShiFlyLie (is that hella racist???), and an order of sweet barbecue pork ribs. "chop!" I always have to ask them. I know it looks like a demand, but this is how the Chinese in San Francisco ask for things. While he was chopping up my ribs I was asking about how much a knife like the one he was using costs "100 dolla!!" he shouts back. Holy shit. I want one. I think I might buy one from a Chinese kitchenware shop in the nearby on Sacramento and something. Anyway, I make my way down one of the little alleys and find a nice little park with some bmx kids in it. I sit and eat and watch the bmx kids launch off shit. I also try not to see the homeless people using the bathroom.
After stuffing my face I make my way to the 5 Fulton line so that I can make my doctor apt. While on the bus a group of 7 high school kids take seats next to me. These kids were absolutely painful to listen too. They all had really bad acne and fashion. One was asking, in a really loud way, what obnoxious meant. I wanted to yell 'YOU!!! You are obnoxious!' All the couples were really mismatched. Like a semi good looking black dood with a really fat ugly white girl. A clean looking Hispanic dood (and I mean clean compared to his homies, not other Hispanic people) hanging with another really zitted up, fat, white girl. Two dikes, and some really, really, really tall white guy with the worst zits of them all.
I made my doctors apt. an hour early, but that's alright, they took me anyway. They think that I either have a ganglion cyst or just strained tendons. Either way the doc said "Hell, lay off." and thats just what I'll do.
Now I am off to go have a beer with my brother, look at his new tattoo and then stroll down the The Transfer for Truman and Spiro's birthday. See you Monday.

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