Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Mayor of CLAYCORD.... said...


I meant to post something on your blog too, not just John's. I read the comment you just left, and I'm glad you saw my comment on John's site.

Man, I'm so sorry for your loss, she seemed like a really cool girl from the stuff I read about her.

Take care man, sorry you and your bro have to go through this, especially during the holidays. :(


shasta daisy said...

Mr. Cakes,

Looks like the Mayor has said everything that I would say.

I have been checking in on John's blog and yours...not posting anything...just to see when you both started to write again.

The loss of a friend and loved one is painful...I know. Hold onto those beautiful memories and never let them go.

I am sure that beautiful smile is shining down on you now.

Shasta Daisy