Friday, November 16, 2007

Element Lounge

On another note, my body's murderess plans were disturbed last night at 3:00am when a group of, no doubt North Beach or Marina folks, decided to stand outside my window and scream "Wheeeeeeeewww!!!!" over and over. I didn't actually hear any dialogue, just "Wheeeeewwww!!!" until someone in the apartment decided to do something about it. And by something I mean screaming back at them. Note: this doesn't actually make noise go away. Arguments ensue, tough guys acting like tough guys, challenges were flung, and in the end, so was a pot of cabbage, carrots and pork....seriously, my neighbor, in a fury to find something to toss at these idiots, ransacked his/her apartment and ended up at the fridge with last nights left overs. All kinds of hilarity ensued. Needless to say, I had to watch my step coming out of the building as the sidewalks were covered in baby carots and cabbage and pork...You gotta love what a horrible bar, strategically placed across the street from your bedroom window, will do to your nights.


John Sakkis said...

go neighbor!

Tru Man said...

i love to read what you write! send me an e-mail!