Friday, August 24, 2007


While most kids get into collecting cards of some sort, or even stamps for crying out loud (although I think this never really happens, same with coins). Anyway, my brother and I were into collecting things that are really hard to collect. Things that tries to scurry, wiggle, run, swim, hop, and slither away.

For a long as I can remember there were buckets and buckets of tadpoles right outside the door to the buckets of them. Once, on a hot summers day, the tadpoles had recently become frogs mind you, we went outside to check on them but instead found a backyard full of dry, crusty frogs corpses stuck to the pavement. Poor little guys were all hip, hip, hopping going "tssssss ouch, tssssss damn, tssssss holy crap this is hot, tssssssssssssssssssssss....." and then they didn't hop anymore.

Other things we would collect were rollie pollies. These, if you didn't already know, are those little creatures that are about a qtr. inch long, black little beetle looking things. The cool thing about these guys is that their defense mechanism is to roll up into a little ball and tumble away. This made catching these things awesome...for one things they were cute and funny as hell. I think that if I was an insect, any kind of insect, I would make best friends with these cute little guys...I don't even care if my own insect species made fun of me....thats how awesome these little guys are. It's always a score when you find one at the top of a driveway because then you get to chase it down and watch it bumble and tumble. Just watch out for the cracks...once he goes in there there is no getting them out.....unlesss....

Unless that is you are a collecter of one of my favorite tools/weapons/make you feel like a bad ass when you have one in your hand/back pocket/even when you have one with ice cream on it still because you know what you can do with it...Yes, you guessed it. I am talking about popscicle stick daggars. You know, you grind 'em on the side walk till its sharp as heck. And you know its sharp cause your buddy who you just jabbed with it as making a mean as hell' Ima get you back' face. Yes, only with the popscicle stick daggar can you pry out a rollie pollie from a drive way crack. Your probably thinking 'you could probably use a twig...or even like, a pen.' Well let me ask you this. How many people have you killed with a twig??? Do you feel extra tough with a twig stuffed in your belt??? I didn't think so.

This post is getting long...I will continue on in another...

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