Monday, July 30, 2007

I am back in the city now

So I have a new place on Geary btwn Van Ness and Polk. I love my new hood...even though my heart will always be in the Lower (not upper) haight. I am still lacking a lap top so my internet time has been greatly reduced.

I also have an amazingly pretty, wonderful new girlfriend. She does hair at Edo Salon in my old hood. The first week we were dating I was flipping through a mag while on the toilet and stumbled across her picture and interview. You have no idea how cool that feels. To this day I still feel like I am dating a celeb...I would probably still feel that way had I not found the article. I'm so proud/falling for/cannot do with out my gf.

I also have a new job. I am now working at a great little ad agency in Jackson Square. Amazon Advertising. I work as the Production Assistant, I am also involved with new business and account planning. I am so stoked to be here. While I do miss riding my bike and rafting and being outside barefooted and bare chested working with such awesome people and on such great accounts makes it worth it. I feel like this could turn into one of those life altering/lessons learned/personal development experiences.

Lets see, other than that....

DreamWorld=Lots of bike dreams.

Thats it...

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