Monday, February 5, 2007

What is it with the dreams, dang

Another nightmare last night. Well, actually I don't know. Nightmares are generally un-enjoyable, but this one was disturbingly fun. Only when I woke up was I freaked out.

From the very start of it it felt like a scream/teen movie. It was me and a few other doods and a couple of really pretty girls. We wanted to go hiking, you know, get out of the city. Somehow our hike turned into something else. It turned out that we were really all going out there to commit suicide.

We were all so freaked out and pussy to actually put a gun to our head that we decided that we would take turns murdering one another. The effed up thing was that no one wanted to be the last one that actually had to either put a gun to their own head or jump off a cliff or whatever that we ended up fighting/begging over who got next turn.

So we kept walking down the trail and when someone would find a nice spot they would stop and beg to be shot in the head. One happened at a bend in the river, another on top of a big rock.

We finally got down to three people, me, and some guy and his girlfriend. They were all laughs and giggles. I was starting to worry. Right as we were walking up to the place where we were going to kill each other I hear a gun fire. She just shot him, no warning, no spot picked out. And then she killed herself. Now it was just me. I would have to get up to the top and shoot myself in the head.

Right as that thought passed through my head I woke up.

I hate these dreams.

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