Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shitshow on Savutini (21.october.2006)

What a mess. Shit, shit, shit, the whole way through.

Savutini is a class four section of the Upper Navua, guides run it alone before picking up the guests below. Guiding was Moses Batarua, Moses Vocoula, Pita, Andre, Petero, Bruce, Me and the guide school boys.
First down was Pita. He ends up wrapping his boat right out of the eddy. Of coarse no gear is rigged in so things are floating on down stream. He finally makes his way after them. Next up is Moses Batarua ran no problem. Then Andre with Bruce and I in his boat. We ran safety. We made it down the left channel fine. Guide school came next. They were pushed into the rocks and wrapped, not too bad though. They get off the rock and make it down to the ledge hole. Over sideways and surfed. Stuck. Jovilisi and Josateki swam and Tobi ended up just hopping out, abandoning his boat.
Now there is an empty boat just getting worked in this hole. Surfing, flipping, spinning. Batarua decided to bump it out. Works fine, except now he is caught in the hole getting worked. Again, nothing rigged, things going everywhere. I can just imaging the guests down below watching all these items float by, then an empty boat floats by, then some guides, followed by some more items.

The rest of the day was pretty standard. Back at the office however, STRIKE. The boys decide that htey want a raise and aren't going to work unless they get it. BOOTSIE!!!!

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