Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last full day in Fiji

Two things done today...Scuba dive with sharks, and crazy Fijian massage.

Dive. Sharks seen; Bull (3.5-4.5 meters long), Nurse (3-4 meters), Lemon (1-1.5 meters), Silver/Black/White tip (range from1-4 meters). These sharks were crazy close. Dove with out cage, open. I could have reached out and touched the bull a couple of times and the nurse too. Probably would've bit me though. All very impressive. Almost invisible at a couple meters distance. I really liked the look of the Sucker fish. It looks like it is swimming upside down. Its lower jaw protruding twice the length of its upper. One latched on to my toe. I kicked it off.

Massage. Crazy Fijian style. Full body. Start in chair. One person on your shoulders one on legs and feet. End up on table. Now one person on shoulders, one on each leg. Three people for one hour. I think they were a family. One older woman, and older man and a younger pretty girl. The girl kept going really high up my thigh and running her hand on the inside of my leg and touching things that weren't included on the massage menu board. She did it a bunch of times. I was kinda uncomfortable at first, then I was just all whatevs, I leave tomorrow.

Tonight I am off to dinner at Pasemaca's (Pasematha) house. Land crab, prawns, fish, casava, dalo, etc...stoked.

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