Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fever Monday.06.nov.2006

I've had a fever since Thursday. I thought my organs were going to explode. I still have cramps, to to the bathroom about every five minutes, have extremely swollen glands and a headache like whoa.

Dream: Brandon Wardle brought me out to the field behind my childhood house. He said he had to show me something. Waiting int he field was Shawn Abetta. He was holding my dad, except that he was about the size of a shoe box but fancier. Shawn was saying "I'm gonna cut him" and pulled out a straight razor. I grabbed his Adams apple and squeezed till it felt like crumbled cartilage. Brandon started slashing me and I crushed his throat as well. They both lay before me, dead.
I woke up in a pool of a bed.

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