Monday, December 11, 2006

Bushmaster...this brings me up to date...Sun.10.Dec.2006

I spent the 7th and 8th in the Namosi bush. Petero, Bosilio and I did a first descent down the Wainikovo river. This is it in a nutshell...

  • Walking, scratch that, dragging our boats every fifteen minutes over gravel/boulders and down waterfalls.
  • jumping from said waterfalls
  • surfing boats
  • being in the bush with no supplies except a couple of spears and a machete
  • class IV water
  • catching eels and prawns for our meals
  • mosquito's, bits on lips, in nostrils and mouth. I kept waking up and having to pick mosquito's out of my nose, I kept inhaling them
  • building a bamboo hut to sleep in
  • getting a good soaking from the downpour
  • mosquito's, mosquito's, mosquito's
  • day two, waterfalls, canyon, falls, boulders...
  • kasava, dalo, kasava, kasava, tinned beef, kasava
  • not feeling sick anymore
  • prawns for breakfast

now lets get on with the present tense....

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